Free Online Case Procurement. Stop paying $500/yr on paper forms.

Dentilink is available now!

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Say goodbye to carbon copy forms. Welcome to Dentilink.


Dentilink started with the idea that a technology layer on top of lab and clinic operations can offer lots of value, and operate with significantly less overhead compared to intraoral manufacturers.

We also cut out the need for expensive carbon copy forms, instead giving you one simple, barcoded, cloud case form.


Account Protection

Secure & Encrypted

Dentilink uses state-of-the-art security provided by Amazon Web Services. We take patient privacy very seriously, and ensure that all your content is fully encrypted and securely stored.

Stay on top of your clinic or lab. Anytime. Anywhere.

Stay on top of your clinic or lab. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your days are busy, a few minutes here and there can make the difference between going home on time and being in the office late doing paperwork.

Real-time Progress Updates

View any updates on your outstanding cases. Know of any adjustments, delays, errors ahead of time, and streamline operations. You can also message within any case, letting you centralize your communication.

Smart Notifications

Dentilink notifies you of key events—like shipment updates, payments, and case adjustments so you can get up-to-date information at the right time.


We're working with a select group of clinics, and will be collecting valuable feedback while in beta. Our mission is to be the clearest solution to your practice's prosthetics needs.


We're currently connecting with local as well as foreign based labs and will work to streamline the procurement of procedures, to enable communication, trust, and ease of use.


Dental Schools

As we refine the product, the feedback of future dentists will be essential in creating a platform that meets their needs.

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