Become a tester of Dentilink !

So you’ve probably already seen the rest of the website, you know what we’re about. Just in case you missed it… Dentilink connects dentists and dental labs from all over the world together in a global marketplace, allowing you to directly discover, communicate, and ultimately, source dental prosthetics with people that understand you.

But we can’t do any of the things that we propose to do without some very important people — YOU!

We need you to register your interest in Dentilink by entering your details into our system. Once you do, you’ll immediately (and safely!) be transformed into a full-blown member of our testing team! Right now, your job will be to take a look around and tell us:

  • What you think;
  • What’s good/bad/indifferent;
  • Where we can improve;
  • What else you’d like to see on the platform…

You’ll be helping us to help you. Because your opinions are so important to us, we’d love to invite you to use our solution for FREE during this testing period. It’s the least we can do!

So if you’re a dentist or a dental lab in need of help and are interested in the first global digital marketplace dedicated solely to you, get Denti-linked and REGISTER with us now!