Stress-Free Lab Management.

Easy set-up, effective collaboration from day one, and less frustration to empower your lab to reach new heights. With Dentilink, you can organize case files, conversations, and track deadlines in one easy-to-manage place.



Filter through and archive your cases. Whether its a case you worked on last year or last week, Dentilink can help you keep track of your lab work and business. For larger labs, Dentilink acts as a shared online workspace, letting you organize everything needed to complete a case.

Case Viewer

Dentilink brings together all your cases into a central, secure repository. You can communicate with dentists within each case about changes, saving potential errors and precious time. You can also use our barcoding system from day 1, helping you keep track of cases within the busy lab environment.

Mobile Friendly

Dentilink is cloud based & mobile friendly, letting you access your case work from wherever you are--at the office, on the road, or at home. We've also integrated Drift, letting you chat with Dentilink staff in case there are any issues with your experience.

The complete toolkit for your lab business

With Dentilink, your lab can leverage the power of the internet to expand your business across the world. We accept multiple currencies, and ensure the security of all transactions, and help you understand and anticipate demand for various cases.

Lab centric focus

Our tools let you see technicians' productivity, track clinic satisfaction, and make adjustments to cases in real time, reducing adjustments and errors.


Global Scale

With access to dental clinics from around the world. Whether you're looking to grow your presence in new markets, or looking to pick up new cases, Dentilink streamlines the process of working with new clinics and ensures efficient communication and secure payment.

Always Improving

We're in the business of bringing the power of the internet to dental clinics and labs. With the pace of technology growing steadily, we look forward to bringing you the best of the benefits, with as little of the learning curve as possible.


Coming Soon..