Create a case

Building a custom website from scratch will really show you what the Squarespace Developer Platform can do. Give yourself a jump-start by using Base Template. Its minimal code provides a solid foundation for learning.


Build Case Specifications

Whether you’re building a Crown or working with an existing case template, you’ll need to enable Case Builder Mode to access the case specification options. In the case builder, enter in Patient Details -> Case Details -> type of Case using the color-coded toggle. Define specifications, and attach any relevant documents (PDFs, Intraoral Scans, etc.).


Send your case to a lab/Publish to marketplace

Choose a lab based on any number of variables, from turnaround time, reviews by other users, and country of origin.


Transact on a la carte, or monthly basis

Select your currency of payment, and pay through the card linked to our platform. All our transactions are secured via Stripe, the standard in online transactions.