Beginner Tutorial

This tutorial will help newcomers to the Dentilink Platform learn by doing. Check out this guide for more information on Dentilink Platform functionality to see if it fits your needs.


Let's get started working on the Dentilink Platform. In this tutorial, we'll be using the Dentilink Platform on your website, setting up your case using case builder, and making your first edits!

To follow this tutorial, you should understand the fundamentals of items and design. If you aren't familiar with that, here's a list of recommended learning resources. Check out this guide for more information on the Dentilink Platform's functionality and to see if it fits your needs.

Getting Started
Part 1: Sign Up
Part 2: Pricelist Entry
Part 3: Receiving a case
Part 4: Accepting marketplace cases
Part 5: Updating Offers

Part 1: Sign up for a Dentilink account here.

Part 2: Pricelist Entry


After signing up, either import your pricelist or enter it in by line by line. In cases where the price of an item may vary based on cost of materials (e.g. gold, silver) or implants that may vary more than $50, you can request a price update while the case is in progress. 


Part 3: Receiving a Case

When dentists build cases, they have the option to send a case to a lab directly, or send it to the marketplace. Above, a lab accepts a case from a dentist directly.

Part 4: Accepting Marketplace Cases

Labs can receive notifications on cases, and pick them up in Dentilink's marketplace. 

Part 5: Updating Offers

In some cases, you may have to update a case offer. Dentilink lets you update the pricing while the case is in progress.